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  1. Over the past twenty years, the invasion of private lands by the landless workers movements have evolved as a favored means of pushing for agrarian reform in Brazil. The landless workers invade private, public, unused, productive, or even legally documented agricultural tracts to bring attention to their quest for greater equality of land distribution within the country. The activists predominantly arrive to the territory at nighttime where camps are established, existing usually only for short time periods. Landowners and rural workers occasionally have to abandon their properties. Death threats and attempted murder are customarily typical of the conflict.

    This project explores territories stirred by the dispute for land in Brazil, where farms and landless workers camps are neighboring and in unceasing tension. The images were created during nighttime hours, mirroring the timing of most land invasions. I mainly lit the areas using torches or car headlights, as that’s the way I approach and see these areas in the dark. These images intend to evoke a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty in a social landscape of constant psychological pressure.